NEW Greyhound

Greyhounds are super fast and super lean. Equally, our Greyhound trim screws cover a lot of ground with a sleek and fast body design. The Greyhound line is topped off with unique trim head options and strong finishes with applications for interior trim, exterior trim and treated lumber applications.

Consider the fact that our tan trim screws were engineered specifically for exterior handrails and finish trim work for the harsh winters of the upper Midwest. With a low profile head that provides additional holding power, Greyhound is suitable for every environment anywhere you need it.:

  • Tan 3x Ceramic trim screw has a slightly bigger head which is designed for treated lumber finish work where a smaller trim head can’t hang on.
  • White 3x Ceramic trim screw has the same hardworking finish made for exterior primed trim applications or where only white will do.
  • Yellow Zinc brings us inside for interior trim work with great holding power and the same case-hardened steel that is standard across all of our Greyhound fasteners.
  • Coming Soon- 100 piece packaging and a fresh new look!